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Michael Bruce

MICHAEL BRUCE SP Michael Bruce Speed & Performance
is an elite training center for performance athletes, MBSP was founded in 1992, by England International Sprinter, Olympic Gold Medal Coach, & Cognitive Psychologist
Dr Michael Bruce-de-Rouche.

The fEuzion-STAGES, TECHNICAL-ATHLETIC-PSYCHOLOGICAL-SOCIALEDUCATIONAL, is an innovative cutting-edge training method, that has been used to developed and predict a player’s performance ability and appropriate club level, the program is designed around five key and specific stages.

TECHNICAL fEuzion-Technical focuses on the players football technical ability with the three key areas as follows:

  • TOUCH- The players first touch and his ability to control the ball.
  • INTELLIGENCE- The players intelligence on and off the ball in knowing what to do at appropriate times of the game.
  • GAME UNDERSTANDING- the players ability to decide when to make the appropriate decisions in a game.